Homoeopathy - The Minimum Dose

3} The Single or Minimum Dose

Homoeopaths believe that disease occurs primarily as a result of a disturbance to the Vital Force. In weakened or susceptible individuals such an assault results in signs and symptoms being produced as the Vital Force attempts to repair the damage and come back into balance.

Usually, the initial disturbance is a one-off event such as over-exposure to cold, wet or hot conditions; or an emotional shock such as which occurs with the loss of a loved one or loss of employment; or a physical shock such as exposure to a bacterium or a fall. Homoeopaths, therefore, believe that the restoration of the Vital Force requires a one-off stimulus in the form of a remedy given in minute quantity, in order for integrity (that is the removal of signs and symptoms) to be restored to the Vital Force.

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Milk Matters Autumn

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My Seminar Diary My Seminar Diary

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