Increase Milk Supply

If you are having problems seek professional help. Often feeding or expressing more frequently will help to increase supply. All babies, from time to time, undergo a "growth spurt" where the level of supply suddenly becomes inadequate. By feeding on demand for 24-48 hours the breasts are then sufficiently stimulated to increase the supply up to another level.

It is important to be well-rested as this promotes a good let-down reflex, which is important for good milk production. It is important also to make sure that you consume adequate fluids; water is best. A nutritious diet with adequate protein intake ensures sufficient "building blocks" to facilitate milk production.

Often all that is needed to promote adequate milk production is to pay close attention to diet. For information on what constitutes a good diet while breastfeeding see the topic:Breastfeeding....Sample Menu Plan included in the Appendix and read this article.

Although good nutrition is the most reliable and safe way to increase milk production, many mothers like to try herbal galactagogues. Professional guidance is recommended if this is what you want to do as the alkaloids of herbs are known to go through to the milk and research has indicated that some babies can be adversely affected. Constitutional homoeopathic treatment of mother and baby is a safe, non-toxic alternative that affords good results and can augment the dietary approach.

All pages in this section come from the Appendix of my book The Homoeopathic Physician's Guide to Lactation. Permission is given for this information to be downloaded to assist mothers who are having problems with breastfeeding just so long as acknowledgement of authorship is maintained.

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