Homoeopathy - The Law of Cure

5} The Law of Cure

When treating an individual, the Homoeopath observes that the symptoms will always move from:

(a) the vital organs to the less vital organs
(b) from within, outwards
(c) from above, downwards
(d) in reverse order of appearance

Asthma usually follows eczema which has been treated by ointments of various kinds. In treating an asthmatic, the Law of Cure would be seen to be in action when the symptoms move from the lungs to the skin (ie from a vital organ to a less vital organ; from within, outward, and in the reverse order of appearance). Eventually, as the Vital Force is strengthened by continuing homoeopathic treatment, the eczema should move down the trunk and onto the extremities before settling down. When symptoms move in this pattern, the homœopath is able to gauge the efficacy of the treatment.

Ultimately, however, the tendency in individuals towards certain types of diseases rests with the genetic inheritance. Hahnemann demonstrated that he truly was a man of great insight when he touched on this aspect in his Theory of Miasms; a theory arrived at when it was observed that some sort of innate obstacle to cure persisted in spite of accurate prescribing. Such innate obstacles to cure due to genetic factors are treated with special medicines called Nosodes.



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