Homoeopathy - The Potentised Remedy

4} The Use of a Potentised Remedy

Hahnemann's belief that disease stemmed from a disturbance to the energetic field of the body, led him to believe that the best cure could be effected with the use of energised medicine. Tinctures which form the basis for the remedies are made mostly from plants or minerals. Herbal tinctures are usually made by soaking or boiling; while tinctures from minerals are obtained by grinding the substance in a mortar and pestle from which a solution is then made.

Homoeopathic remedies used by most practitioners are produced in either the decimal (X) scale or the centesimal (C) scale. The decimal scale (dilution of 1:10) is produced by initially mixing a drop of the tincture with 9 drops of ethanol. The centesimal scale (dilution of 1:100) is produced by initially mixing two drops of the tincture with 98 drops of ethanol.

Another scale (the LM scale) represents a dilution of 1:50,000 and is prepared in a complex way. However, all scales undergo a progressive series of dilutions with shaking or "succussing" the bottle of medicine in between each dilution. Homoeopaths believe that this process imparts a dynamic aspect to the remedies which is then used to match the dynamic aspect of the Vital Force.

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