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Below are several articles I've written and had published in various journals over the years. General articles  General Info are available to you as PDF downloads. They are made available to the public as a matter of general interest. They are not intended to encourage self-medication. Any form of medical treatment should be done under the supervision of your primary health care practitioner.

Articles on the Lacs  (provings, cases and materia medica) are in a closed members-only section  Members Info  for the benefit of researchers. If you click on the members-only articles the abstract and keywords will display giving you an idea of what the article contains. I am happy for you to get in touch with me by using the Contact Me link if you have any queries or would like to discuss some aspect in more depth.

General Info Serpent mythology and oxytocin; Psora unmasked
General Info Hahnemann's Theory of Miasms: A Modern Perspective
General Info One Country...Three Kingdoms: The Story of Australia
General Info The Dolphin and the Human – Lac Delphinum a useful remedy for birthing women
General Info Human Milk The True White Gold
General Info A Case of Intra-ductal Papilloma of the Breasts
General Info The Manipulation of Maternal Diet and its Effect on the Infant

Members Info Too Cool for School – getting back on track with Lac Cameli Dromedarii
Members Info Not Welcome in My Country - a case of Lac Macropi Gigantei
Members Info Brachychiton Rupestris - a group trituration to C4
Members Info Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex and Lac Humanum
Members Info The importance of being an Unprejudiced Observer.... a case of Digitalis in a breastfed toddler
Members Info Uluru and the Kangaroo... Tales from the Dreamtime
Members Info Amber [Succinum]...a case of when a good thing becomes too much
Members Info How Can I Cope without the Support of My Mother? Lac loxodonta Africana
Members Info My Child was in Danger Lac lupinum
Members Info Placenta Humanum and Lac Maternum...The initial gifts from the mother
Members Info This Land is your Land? This Land is my Land! The story of the milk of the kangaroo: Lac Macropi Gigantei
Members Info Lac Delphinum... The Homoeopathic Midwife
Members Info A Woman at Odds with her Husband - A case of Lac leoni
Members Info In Danger (wolf at the door) I feel Peaceful Inside a case comparing Lac lupinum and Lac delphinum
Members Info Lac Maternum or Lac Humanum... How do we choose?
Members Info Lac Humanum: A Clinical Perspective
Members Info In search of a more exact prescription...a journey of discovery towards understanding Lac-humanum
Members Info Three Lacs, some personal perspectives
Members Info "To Be or not to Be? That is The Question"...most likely to be posed by one in the Lac Maternum state

©Copyright: These articles can be downloaded for personal use just so long as acknowledgement of authorship is maintained. They are not for commercial reproduction or posting to other websites without prior permission.

My Books

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My Latest Book: The Lacs A Materia Medica & Repertory
My Latest Book: The Lacs A Materia Medica & Repertory

Table of Contents for "The Lacs A Materia Medica & Repertory" Lac Asinum Lac Cameli Dromedari Lac Caninum Lac Caprinum Lac Delphinum…

The Homoeopathic Physician's Guide to Lactation
The Homoeopathic Physician's Guide to Lactation

Patricia Hatherly, who enjoys the unique perspective of being a Homoeopath as well as a Lactation Consultant, has worked extensively with…


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Milk Matters Autumn
Milk Matters Autumn

Dear Colleague, When one looks in Generalities in a repertory, the rubric: Discharges; profuse, increased includes Natrum Muriaticum in the 4th…

Milk Matters Archive
Milk Matters Archive

Missed a copy of the Milk Matters Newsletter? On this page you can find all of the editions I've published previously.…


My Seminar Diary

My Seminar Diary My Seminar Diary

2018 September 1-2 Auckland, New Zealand The Lacs - our most important medicines  For further information: 2018 October 20-21…


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