Similia 30(2); December 2018; 34-37

Lac Suillinum has a most peculiar vertigo of "falling backwards like a plank" and I've found it to be the PQRS in several cases. So, having had such a fall, can be an important part of the history of the patient. It is well-known that pigs, as they enter the slaughter house, get very agitated as if they have a sense that something "not nice" is going to happen. This sense of unease (often accompanied by tumultuous palpitations) can also be part of the Lac-suis case. They can feel alone; alienated.
Interestingly, the protein content of pig milk is relatively high (almost 6% compared to 1% for human milk). So, the breakdown of the casein component induces a relative euphoric state due to the influx of caso-morphine into the system, which corresponds to one of the Themes: Drug-like state. So, Lac-suis Delusions, such as: Soft; cloud-like feeling; Space; surrounded by; as if; Spatial feeling of eternity; floating and Dreamy sensation can be a key part of the mental state of the patient who may search for such sensations in meditation.
Lac-suis patients have a dislike of pork or report an aggravation from its consumption. In females there may also be a history of Peripartal Pelvic Pain Syndrome (Symphysiolysis) which is very prevalent in pigs.

KEYWORDS: Lac-Suillinum; Rhus tox; Psorinum; Morgan Pure; Sycotic co; Medorrhinum; Lac Humanum; vaccination; Sycosis; bliss experience; heart; tumultuous palpitations; symphysis pain; sacro-iliac pain; paraesthesia extremities

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