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In order to manage the content and simplify navigation, the relevant information regarding all aspects of my work as a classical homoeopath and lactation consultant based in Brisbane, has been organised under subject headings... read more

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Homoeopath, Lactation Consultant & Reiki Master This is an unusual combination of current professional interests for someone who grew up as the eldest child of a very average middle class family with a father who was an academic and a mother a committed home-maker for 6 girls.... read more

My Books

Brisbane homoeopath, Patricia Hatherly, enjoys the unique experience of combining 20 years of working as a classical homoeopath with 20 years clinical experience as an internationally-accredited lactation consultant.
The Lacs A Materia Medica & Repertory
Please feel free to download the Preface. It will give you an good introduction to the book and the complexities of The Lacs as a Kingdom... read more
The Homoeopathic Physician's Guide to Lactation


Hahnemann has suggested that to conduct a proving is the very best way to really understand Materia Medica... read more

Published Articles

Here is a collection of articles I have written and published in various journals over the years, available in pdf format... read more

Conference Papers

As a health professional there is nothing more rewarding than to stand before your peers and present your perspective... read more


Dear Colleague,

After a decade of publishing this newsletter as a free service to colleagues all around the world, I've taken the decision, to coincide with a major revision of my website from a time-sensitive subscription model to a simple shopping cart model, that this will be my final issue. Due to some issues concerning the revamp of the website, the newsletter is a bit later than usual, so apologies for that and I hope you enjoy the new look and format of the website... read more
Missed a copy of the Milk Matters Newsletter?

My e-Newsletter Milk Matters was published in the Spring and Autumn of each year for a decade.

It was published with the intent of sharing information regarding lactation management and the Lac remedies with colleagues, and you can find all archived editions here... read more


2019 March 23-24 Oxford, UK
SOH National Conference Three Wise Women:
Featuring Karen Allen (Infertility), Linda Gwillam (Pregnancy & Birth) and Patricia Hatherly (Lactation)

For more details visit website: www.homeopathy-soh.org or download brochure.
My Seminar Diary Archive
Patricia Hatherly
BA DipEd BHSc(Homoeopathy) AROH MAHA ANPA

Amamusus Natural Therapies Centre
Phone: +61 7 3878 9767
Email: patricia@patriciahatherly.com


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