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Dear Colleague,

After a decade of publishing this newsletter as a free service to colleagues all around the world, I've taken the decision, to coincide with a major revision of my website from a time-sensitive subscription model to a simple shopping cart model, that this will be my final issue. Due to some issues concerning the revamp of the website, the newsletter is a bit later than usual, so apologies for that and I hope you enjoy the new look and format of the website.

As you can see from the timeline, this case is one I've been saving for a special occasion and so now seems to be a good time to share it. Autism is a most complex phenomenon; and, most certainly, NWS vaccination can be a trigger as this case shows. However, emerging research suggests that technology-assisted conception, birth and nurture interfere with the priming of a newborn's oxytocin receptors and it's this deficit that underpins the spectrum.

Certainly, this case ticks some of those boxes. However, when one looks at the layers that needed to be addressed in order to bring this little one to wholeness during the four years that she was in my care, the lack of incarnation seems to be a deep-seated personal issue, perhaps associated with trans-generational trauma.

I hope that you find what I have to share is both interesting and beneficial and I thank you for the interest you've taken in Milk Matters which was devised in order to widen your knowledge on The Lacs as a kingdom and the clinical management of breastfeeding issues.

I'll most certainly continue to teach, write and publish in various journals and all my work will be available on my website. I recently presented a paper on the epigenetic basis of Miasm Theory from a hormonal perspective at our national conference, and its now available on the website. I'd encourage you to take the time to have a look and get an appreciation as to why Hahnemann named only three miasms and why he chose the ones that he's all about §9!

I'm looking forward to sharing the podium with Karen Allen and Linda Gwillim at the upcoming SoH national conference in Oxford over the weekend of the 22-24 March, so hope to meet some of you there. Information about the conference can be accessed here.


Particia Hatherly
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