Natrum Muriaticum and Oversupply

When one looks in Generalities in a repertory, the rubric: Discharges; profuse, increased includes Natrum Muriaticum in the 4th degree.
However, while Jahr and Kent have both noted nat-mur in the 1st degree in Chest with the rubric: Milk; lactation, it is nowhere to be seen in: Milk; increased, too profuse and that, in my clinical experience, is a grave omission.
As is noted in Generalities, the Natrum Muriaticum person is known to produce profuse discharges from many orifices in order to compensate for tears not shed. So, for the woman who has a life-long sense of rejection from her mother resulting in a deep-seated lesional Nat-mur layer, her lactation becomes a time for compensation as the vital force takes hold of an opportune moment to enact a healing scenario.

Natrum Muriaticum should, according to my clinical experience, be noted in the repertory among the lactation rubrics associated with abundant milk supply, in the highest degree.

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