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Hahnemann has suggested that to conduct a proving is the very best way to really understand Materia Medica. I have supervised several provings (Amnii Liquor is yet to be published). Cadmium Metallicum is a re-proving of an originally conducted small proving and the Materia Medica is available at for the benefit of researchers.

Additionally I have overseen a group trituration of Lac humanum to the C4 potency. A full transcript of the proving is available at and potencies from the trituration are available from Simillimum pharmacy in Wellington New Zealand

The Lac Maternum proving is available at for the benefit of researchers. A synopsis of the proving is in chapter 9 of my book The Homoeopathic Physician's Guide to Lactation; that, and an article To Be or not To Be.... is available in the Published Articles section.

The proving on the milk of the kangaroo Lac Macropi Gigantei (2009) is one of the 20 Lacs presented in The Lacs a Materia Medica & Repertory and further information can be found in the Published Articles section of the website. It turned out to be a most interesting proving as the substance obtained from Australia's most internationally-recognised national symbol, appeared to "tell the story" of our nation's history. It is complemented by the proving of Uluru (Peisker; 2000) and a translation is available, at for you to study. The similarities between the two provings are uncanny and are summarised in an edition of Milk Matters (April 2013).

It seemed to me that, if such significant symbols of the Australian landscape from the Animal and Mineral Kingdoms, could reflect the struggle of the nation's First Peoples to hold onto their culture as well as that of the white settlers to adapt to the harsh and unforgiving landscape, there would surely be something in the Plant Kingdom that would present a similar picture. So, I supervised a group trituration to C4 of Brachychiton Rupestris [Queensland Bottle Tree], a member of the Malvaceae family, and the materia medica profile proved to be consistent with that of lac-mac and uluru.

Several of the Provings in The Lacs a Materia Medica & Repertory, are presented synoptically in Milk Matters. Others were originally published in German. The translations are available at

  •  Brachychiton Rupestris – a group trituration to C4
  •  Uluru - Ayer's Rock – a homoeopathic contact proving
  •  Lac Macropi Gigantei – Milk of the Eastern Grey kangaroo
  •  Lac Suillinum - Pig's Milk
  •  The Harbour or Common Seal - Lac phoca vitulina
  •  Homoeopathic proving of Lac Maternum 
  •  The C4 Trituration of Lac Humanum
  •  A proving of Cadmium Metallicum

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