Brisbane homoeopath, Patricia Hatherly, enjoys the unique experience of combining 20 years of working as a classical homoeopath with 20 years clinical experience as an internationally-accredited lactation consultant. With twenty years professional experience working as a certified Lactation Consultant, providing a solid foundation of clinical skills and expertise, Patricia is advocate for the breastfeeding mother/baby dyad and has the necessary skills and knowledge to facilitate breastfeeding and can offer support and specialist assistance to mothers in every area of lactation.


Hahnemann has suggested that to conduct a proving is the very best way to really understand Materia Medica... read more

Published Articles

Here is a collection of articles I have written and published in various journals over the years, available in pdf format... read more

Conference Papers

As a health professional there is nothing more rewarding than to stand before your peers and present your perspective... read more


Dear Colleague,

When one looks in Generalities in a repertory, the rubric: Discharges; profuse, increased includes Natrum Muriaticum in the 4th degree.
However, while Jahr and Kent have both noted nat-mur in the 1st degree in Chest with the rubric: Milk; lactation, it is nowhere to be seen in: Milk; increased, too profuse and that, in my clinical experience, is a grave omission as this case demonstrates... read more
Missed a copy of the Milk Matters Newsletter?

My e-Newsletter Milk Matters was published in the Spring and Autumn of each year for a decade.

It was published with the intent of sharing information regarding lactation management and the Lac remedies with colleagues, and you can find all archived editions here... read more


2019 March 23-24 Oxford, UK
SOH National Conference Three Wise Women:
Featuring Karen Allen (Infertility), Linda Gwillam (Pregnancy & Birth) and Patricia Hatherly (Lactation)

For more details visit website: or download brochure.
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Patricia Hatherly
BA DipEd BHSc(Homoeopathy) AROH MAHA ANPA

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