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Below are several articles I've written and had published in various journals over the years. General articles are available to you as PDF downloads. They are made available to the public as a matter of general interest. They are not intended to encourage self-medication. Any form of medical treatment should be done under the supervision of your primary health care practitioner.

Articles on the Lacs  (provings, cases and materia medica) are available for purchase for the benefit of researchers. If you click on the paid-only articles the abstract and keywords will display giving you an idea of what the article contains. Each item costs $AUD5.50. I am happy for you to get in touch with me by using the Contact Me form below if you have any queries or would like to discuss some aspect in more depth.
© Copyright: These articles can be downloaded for personal use just so long as acknowledgement of authorship is maintained. They are not for commercial reproduction or posting to other websites without prior permission.
Patricia Hatherly
BA DipEd BHSc(Homoeopathy) AROH MAHA ANPA

Amamusus Natural Therapies Centre
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