Similia 20 (2); December 2008; 27-30

Reports of dolphins acting as midwives to create a suitable space in which women can give birth are not new. This article attempts to describe the connection between the vortices of fractal energy circumscribed by the dolphin both during sleep and at play, and the Schumann Resonance detected in traditional birthing places in Nature. For the dolphin, support of the group is vital for survival. So, in those cases where it is the simillimum, Lac delphinum may be prescribed to assist in birth when the woman cannot give herself fully to the process due to a perceived lack of support. In this instance it may act as a true sarcode, facilitating an oxytocic response in the hypothalamus. 

KEYWORDS: birth; midwife; Schumann Resonance; the group; safety

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Patricia Hatherly
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