Homoeopathic Links Summer 2006; vol 19; 61-67

The lesson of Lac Humanum is to be alone but not lonely; to get the balance right between what one gives to the self, as opposed to others/the group. During the time of nurturing her baby at the breast in the months after giving birth, the Lac-h woman is forced to address the lack of nurturing that she received as a baby. Pathologies such as mastitis and engorgement are functional expressions of anger about this situation. A galactocele is an expression of indurated anger; and, during the dynamic period of lactation, can, with careful and consistent prescribing, be worked through to resolution as this case shows. 

KEYWORDS: Mother; Nurture; Ego; Group; Anger; Engorgement; Mastitis; Galactocele

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Patricia Hatherly
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