A Lac Delphinum case which illustrates the keynote essence: (Life's a Ball of Fun) and the associated major mind rubrics and themes from Herrick's proving

activity; desire, for
amusement; desire, for
antics, plays
play; desire to; playful in the water 

Having fun is a light-hearted activity, confirmed by Herrick's nominated themes of:

  • Laughter
  • Play
  • Communication and
  • Groups

The case also illustrates the minor themes associated with the sycotic [Shadow] aspect of this remedy. Herrick's Shadow themes include:

  • Intrusion
  • Hiding
  • Fear and
  • Danger (also to be found in lac-lup cases)

These lie more closely with other Shadow themes of:

  • Guilt with Responsibility and issues concerning
  • Covering up vs Exposure

which were also apparent in the proving diaries, and associated with the return of old symptoms in this case which has, essentially, an A/F vaccination aetiology.

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