Lac Cameli Dromedarii; a case illustrating the main themes and affinities of the remedy, made from the milk of the dromedary camel.

Keynote Essence: Finding my place in the sun 


> Body Image
> Teenage years
relationship issues
self-esteem and confidence issues
  [Skin: pimples; chin; menses, before]
privacy/hiding; personal information issues
exploring sexual preference
defiance of and disregard for authority
needing a fix [Hatherly]
> Argumentative; tantrums
> Hindered; (Jammed/Blocked/Things not going smoothly)
> Baby/Pregnancy/Menstruation I have the impression that this is less about care and protection as seen in lac-lup; lac-leo and lac-lox-a but more about pregnancy being an imposition as in lac-del.
In the lac-del proving the emphasis seems to be on sexual exploration for fun and perhaps the seeking of a profound connection between the male and female principles. The "fun" part is consistent with the "teen scene" where the appearance of the menstruation may be greeted with relief that there is no pregnancy!
Consideration, also, needs to be given to the fact that a pregnancy during the years when one is getting set in Life (ie school; college; career) may be seen as an inconvenience.
> Protection of individuals susceptible to suggestions

digestive system
female organs: breasts; uterus

Miasm  Cancer...issues around the subject of image and showing true feelings

                      unconcerned about the good opinion of others
                      confident, feelings of self-confidence
                      quick to take offence
                      insulted; feelings of
                      reprimand <

                     Sycosis'n roll (med)

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